Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

web hosting affiliate program

Through our affiliate scheme you could earn $5 for every visitor that you send to our website that results in a registration. Payments are sent by cheque, wire transfer or PayPal after you've reached the minimum payout of $100, or 20 registrations.
We'll provide everything you'll need to begin making money:

Over 40 banners
Our eye catching banners are sure to catch the attention of visitors and generate a high click through rate. All you need to do is pick one you like and put the code on your page. Forum Finder tool Our experience has shown as that forums have the best conversion rate traffic usually comes from forums. Forum traffic usually has over 15% conversion, and that means if you referred only 100 visitors to our site, that would convert into $75 for you! Promotional Texts To make it easy to get going, we've got ready-to-use promotional text for our service. All you need to do is copy the texts to your target and watch the sign-ups come rolling in! Sign up now and you will see how easy our affiliate program is converting. Some affiliates have over 10% signup rate. Do not miss a chance to earn big money by promoting our free hosting service.

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