Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Web Template Affiliate Program

We call it TAP. A Tap of free flowing revenues. As usual it comes with a lot of difference. And yes, we are open to suggestions from all our customers, affiliates and even on-lookers!
Some salient features of our affiliate program:

* 20% lifetime commission. We register the client who is sent by you to our website. The moment he registers, we attach your name along with him (even if he is downloading a free template). Now whenever and whatever purchase he makes, you make 20% of it! So you have lifetime recurring revenues.
* Every registered user is our affiliate. You simply need to register (remember: registration does not cost a dime and is complete in less than 10 seconds) and you can start promoting our program. Include our link in your emails, website, blog or anything that you can think of!
* You can send a visitor on ANY PAGE at This means you need not land him on the home page. If your site gets visitors who are interested in photography, you might like to land up the visitor on a category page which shows him photography related templates or may be which let him download a free photography related template (if any). Thus, it can help you achieve better conversion and thus more revenues.
* Personalized technical and marketing support for each and every affiliate to help you get started and make the most of the opportunity. We will even design specialized banners to suit your website audience. So get in touch with us about your special needs.
* Minimum payout is $100. Payments by PayPal only at this point.

Coming soon:

* The most extensive and transparent affiliate reporting system to tell you how you performed and data to analyze and decide on further promotion, so that you spend time and effort in the right place.
* Payment by check for UK & India based affiliates.

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